Théâtre de l'Octogone

Lausanne and the theatre

Many visitors often discover this with amazement, but not even everyone in Lausanne is aware that nowadays our city boasts an outstanding representation in theatre considering its number of residents, encompassing both established institutions (the Théâtre de Vidy, directed by René Gonzalez with the assistance of René Zahnd, and the Kléber-Méleau Theatre, founded and still managed by Philippe Mentha) and a powerful group of independent companies scattered across various locations, from the Arsenic theatre (especially focused on experimental aspects, directed by Sandrine Kuster) to the 2.21 and the Pulloff (contemporary works, particular in short form), as well as the Théâtre Boulimie (satirical cabaret founded and directed by Lova Golovtchiner) and the Grange de Dorigny (contemporary works and more traditional shows) and the Petit Théâtre (for young audiences and directed by Sophie Gardaz), in particular. The richness of this offering, which is comparable to that of the largest cities in Switzerland, like Geneva and Zurich, clearly stems from a long history, which was quiet for a long time and then crescendoed in the 20th century, a development that curious readers can find chronicled in the book by René Zahnd entitled Lien interne Entre l’oubli et l’euphorie: le théâtre à Lausanne, published by Payot in 1997.