Energy and environment

Climate change, pollution and the degradation of ecosystems are issues that now form part of our everyday life. The worldwide market of cleantechs is worth 2,500 billion euros. Its average annual growth rate has been 10.6% for the past 10 years and is expected to continue to increase at an annual rate of 6.5% until 2025.

The Canton of Vaud has been addressing these issues for many years by supporting the activities of companies such as Leclanché (energy storage solutions), Romande Énergie (development of renewables and energy efficiency) and taking part in groundbreaking projects such as SolarImpulse, Bertrand Piccard’s famous solar plane.

In Western Switzerland, the CleantechAlps cluster is involved in promoting this field. It supports and encourages the networking of companies in the industry, while also integrating research institutes. EPFL’s Environmental Sciences and Engineering section and the Ecotechnology section of the HEIG-VD, in particular, produce knowledge and train leading specialists.

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Why is the Lausanne-Montreux destination a sustainable destination?

Since the 1990s, the cities of Lausanne and Montreux are strongly committed to respect the values of sustainability, the environment and the individual. Proof of this is that the two towns have received on several occasions the famous Energy City Gold Award label. Lausanne Montreux Congress has decided to align with this strategy, which serves the interests both of the destination and its business visitors today.

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