LMC Ambassadors Programme

There are 35 Ambassadors in the programme launched by Lausanne Montreux Congress (LMC). These representatives come from the various sectors that structure the region’s economic fabric: culture, sports, social and human sciences, life sciences and health, energy and environment, technology and innovation.

The diversity both of sectors and the Ambassadors’ profiles help to reinforce LMC’s positioning as a destination for conventions. Thanks to the Ambassadors Programme, LMC is positioning itself as one of the innovative players in the international market of events.

The LMC Ambassadors support us in our various actions and are committed to our region through different missions: representing LMC at the international level, representing LMC at the national level and being a unifying leader.

1. Representing LMC at the international level

 The Ambassador is responsible for showcasing the Lausanne-Montreux region’s centres of excellence abroad. He expresses and shares his enthusiasm for the region’s environmental setting by accompanying the LMC staff to promotional events. He conveys the quality of services and of the work philosophy to which LMC is committed.

2. Representing LMC at the national level

The Ambassador shares, reinforces and perpetuates his area’s expertise in the field of congresses. He acts as a link between the institutions he represents, the media and the general public at the local, regional and national level. His expertise and spirit of unity enable him to advise, guide and collaborate on various projects that reinforce our identity as “Land of Conventions”.

3. Being a unifying leader

The Ambassador, as a national person of reference and an expert recognised by his community, is a standard-bearer of the world of conventions in his professional environment. He positions himself as a unifying personality for all the players involved in the organisation of events in the Lausanne and Montreux region. In return, LMC supports the Ambassadors by offering them public and private networking events during which their research and their projects will be spotlighted, whether on the regional, national and/or international level. We are committed to our Ambassadors from a promotional and operational point of view in the organisation of their events that will highlight their institutions, their departments and the region.