Technology and innovation

The Canton of Vaud is the perfect setting to innovate in Switzerland. More than 2,000 technology companies are based in our region and 50,000 highly skilled jobs are at the heart of our economy. The density of start-ups is high and the innovation ecosystem is rich, hyper-connected and has a human face.

Access to the talent in our universities and universities of applied sciences, such as the Lausanne Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) or the HEIG-VD, is facilitated. Our region is also renowned beyond our borders in many areas of innovation such as Food Tech, Sports Tech, Trust Tech, health technologies, digital, drones and space.

The region is known as a first-class European hub of technology and innovation. Its research centres and technology parks attract many international specialists. It is to be noted that in Switzerland, 3.5% of GDB is dedicated to activities linked to research and development.

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