Vallée de la Jeunesse – Multipurpose sports hall

Sports centres

Every day of the year, outdoors or indoors, Lausanne offers the public numerous sports centres where it is possible to take part in different sporting activities.

As a recreational activity and physical discipline, sport is practised on the lake, in the wild and by means of amenities that have given rise to several hundred societies and clubs against this captivating and stimulating backdrop. From water sports to cross-country skiing, through all the individual and team sports, not to mention a magnificent 18-hole golf course...
And did you know that Lausanne, ideal for skateboarding thanks to its unrivalled urban topography, has also become the capital of rollerblading? So, when wending your way through the streets of Lausanne, don’t be surprised if you encounter these raiders rolling along on their funny skates in the direction of Vidy Bowl.